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Guiding How To Order
1/ If customers know the model of product, customers only supply us product model via telephone No. or sending email to our company directly and let us know your contact information in order that we can contact later. When getting information from the customers, our company will handle the demand of goods and reflect in the shortest time.

•In case, customer’s product model supplied are correct with product that we are distributing: our company will quickly make a quotation and delivery time to customers.

•In case, customer’s product model supplied are not belonged with the product that we are distributing: our company will consult customers and convert the product equivalent to technical specification that we have in stock (if accepted). To products, cannot be converted equivalently or product for spare parts in the same industry that we are distributing, company will guide customers to contact other suppliers to be able to solve customers’ equipment demand.

•In case, customer’s product model supplied are the product that has not yet been distributed in Vietnam: our company will directly contact to foreign manufacturer and quickly reply to customer.

2/ If customer does not understand product model but has the demand of technical specification of product to meet customer’s machine system, the customer can call our hotline : 0913.127.351 so that our technician consults in order to choose product that you are interested in. Or the customer can send specification of product to our company email and let us know contact information, when getting email from you, company have a team of technicians directly call or reply via email to customers.



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